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Sun 19 Sep
08:39-08:39 | Marine Biological Station Rønbjerg
Constructed Wetlands for Water Pollution Control PhD course
The course will provide an overview of the ecology of freshwater wetlands including hydrology, wetland soil biogeochemistry, and wetland plant ecophysiology. The processes responsible for the transformation of organic matter, nutrients and micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the wetland environment will be described. The state‐of‐the‐art in design techniques based on hydraulics and pollutant removal models in different types of constructed wetland systems will be demonstrated. Practical design guidelines and management aspects such as system layout, compartmentalization, substrate selection, inlet and outlet structures, plant selection and planting will be presented. The use of constructed wetland for the treatment of different types of wastewaters, such as domestic and different types of industrial wastewaters, and Urban run off will be demonstrated through case‐stories from around the World, including systems established in different climate (cold‐temperate areas, sub‐tropics and tropics, arid and semiarid areas).
Thu 16 Sep
09:00-14:18 |
WATEC Annual Meeting 2021