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Constructed Wetland Treatment Technologies

Constructed wetlands (CWs), also known as treatment wetlands, are engineered systems designed and constructed to treat various types of polluted water. Different types of CWs have proven efficiency and applications from rural to urban and even industrial settings. The removal of the pollutants in CWs occurs as a result of complex interactions between the media, the vegetation and the microorganisms in the CW bed. The most attractive benefit of the CW technology is its green and ecofriendly way of treating wastewater with low operational costs and easy maintenance.

WATEC holds advanced research expertise and optimal research facilities for studying the complex physical, chemical and biological processes occurring in the CW systems.

Various types and uses of CW systems are studied and new technologies within this field are currently under development.

Involved research groups:

  • Department of Biology - Aarhus (group of professor Hans Brix and senior researcher Carlos A. Arias)
  • Department of Ecoscience - Silkeborg (group of senior researchers Carl C. Hoffmann)
  • Department of Agroecology - Foulum (group of senior researcher Finn Plauborg).

 Graphic this page by: Anton Brix.

Hans Brix

Head of Department, Professor Department of Biology