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WATEC researchers from the different departments are involved in various courses related to water. Please find an overview below.

Name ECTS Department Type Course responsible
Agricultural Ecotoxicology 5 Agroecology Bachelor Inge S. Fomsgaard
Assessing Soil Erosion Risk 5 Agroecology Master Goswin Heckrath
Global Soil Threats and Ecosystem Services 10 Agroecology Master Bo Vangsø Iversen
River Basin Analysis and Management 10 Agroecology Master Christen Duus Børgesen
Restoration and Construction of Wetlands 5 Agroecology Master Carl Christian Hofmann
Bioactive Molecules in Agroecology 5 Agroecology Summer University Inge S. Fomsgaard
Wetlands 5 Agroecology PhD course  Shubiao Wu
Reactor and Separation Technologies 10 Biological and Chemical Engineering Bachelor Leendert Vergeynst
Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies 10 Biological and Chemical Engineering Master Anders Bentien
Experimental Biorefining 10 Biological and Chemical Engineering Master Morten Ambye-Jensen
Modern Chemical Process Technologies 10 Biological and Chemical Engineering Master Konstantinos Anastasakis 
Sensors and Process control 10 Biological and Chemical Engineering Master Emil Dražević
Water Treatment Technologies 10 Biological and Chemical Engineering Master Leendert Vergeynst
Advanced Water Cycle Management 5 Biological and Chemical Engineering Summer University Thomas Seviour
Aquatic Biology 10 Biology Bachelor Birgit Olesen
Microbial Ecology 10 Biology Bachelor Andreas Schramm
Environmental Management of Aquatic Ecosystems 10 Biology Master Stiig Markager
Freshwater Ecosystems 10 Biology Master Tenna Riis
Flora and Fauna Identification in Freshwater 5 Biology Master Tenna Riis
Environmental Governance: Policy Processes and the Economic Dimension 10 Biology Master Anders Branth Pedersen
Environmental Modelling and Management 10 Biology Master Dennis Trolle
Basic Hydrogeophysics 10 Geoscience Bachelor Denys Grombacher
Hydrology and Earth Surface Processes 10 Geoscience Bachelor Carlos Duque Calvache
Hydrology and Groundwater Modelling 10 Geoscience Master Carlos Duque Calvache
Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods: Data Collection, Processing, and Interpretation 10 Geoscience Master Anders Vest Christiansen
Advanced Geomodelling 10 Geoscience Master Mads Faurschou Knudsen
Integrated Water Management and Legislation 15 SDC Master Anders Branth Pedersen
Statistics, modelling and global change 15 SDC Master Dennis Trolle
Hydrology, Freshwater Ecology and Biogeochemistry 15 SDC Master Torben Linding Lauridsen