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Welcome to Låsby Kro - Inn

The Advanced Water Cycle Management Course is hosted at Låsby Kro which is a small Inn about 20 km from the city of Aarhus.

Our host Peter Have looks forward to welcoming you.

Låsby town is located in the heart of the Lake District of Central Region Denmark, close to some of the most important industrial players within the Danish Water Sector.

Please note that accommodation at Låsby Inn is mandatory for all course participants. 


Låsby Kro og Hotel,

Hovedgade 49

DK-8670 Låsby


Course Coordinator

Special Consultant Karen Maegaard

Email: kmae@ecos.au.dk

AU Summer University

Email: SummerUniversity@au.dk

Academic coordinator

Associate Professor Thomas Seviour

Email: twseviour@bce.au.dk