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WATEC researcher hits the Wall Street Journal

Professor Esben Auken from Department of Geoscience hits the Wall Street Journal with his research project on Antarctica together with US partners.

2019.01.04 | Kristine Howe Kjer

SkyTem Helicopter groundwater detection.

SkyTEM helicopter groundwater detection on Antarctica- Photo by Esben Auken

Antarctica - seal.

Antarctica - seal - Photo by Esben Auken

Mapping liquid water under the glaciers and permafrost in Antarctica is the research topic in a project Aarhus University is doing with US partners. It has just been in a recent issue of Wall Street Journal (USA edition from Dec 31, 2018) with a full-page article. The article (and some video material) is also available online but subscription to WSJ is required to read the article text but not to see the video:


Enjoy the fantastic images!

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