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Joint seminar with WATEC and Aarhus Vand on future wastewater treatment

WATEC is continuously working on forming strategic partnerships with companies and utilities to deliver water technology solutions meeting societal demands. WATEC strives to create an interface for water research at Aarhus University and to create a dialog leading to solutions and collaboration.

2021.09.07 | Karen Maegaard

On August 31, 2021 WATEC and Aarhus Vand had organized a joint seminar on future wastewater treatment. The purpose of the seminar was to give insights into the ReWater project and further develop ideas for collaboration on research and education. ReWater is an ambitious project aiming at ensuring an economically and environmentally optimized wastewater structure in Aarhus. Aarhus ReWater is designed to become a resource efficient wastewater treatment that will be able to handle future population growth. 

The event contained speakers from Aarhus Vand presenting the ReWater project and speakers from Aarhus University presenting various research topics within wastewater treatment and sensor technology. After the presentations, the participants were given a tour of Marselisborg wastewater treatment plan.

Read more about the ReWater project here: Aarhus ReWater - Aarhus Vand

Contact Uffe Sognstrup Thomsen for more information.

List of speakers

Introduction to Aarhus Vand and our approach to research, co-creation and partnerships by Karsten Lumbye, Chief Innovations Officer, ReWater, Aarhus Vand

Presentation of Aarhus Vand and our work with wastewater treatment by Per Overgaard, Chief Engineer, Aarhus Vand

Organic micropollutants in waste- storm- and groundwaters - modern means of removal by Kai Bester, Professor, Aarhus University, Department of Environmental Science

Nutrient and energy recovery from wastewater by high-rate activated sludge and hydrothermal liquefaction by Leendert Vergeynst, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University, Department og Biological and Chemical Engineering

Can we reach zero fluoro-pollution? by Zongsu Wei, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University, Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

Sensor developments at AU – electrochemical and optical sensors for water chemistry by Klaus Koren, Associate professor, Aarhus University. Department of Biology