The Centre for Water Technology has been launched.

Thanks to all our guests for joyning the Grand Opening Event.


Is this the start of Water-Valley?

2017.10.12 | News type

A well-attended opening of the latest research centre at Science and Technology saw the emergence of good ideas and visions for the future right from the introductory speeches in the Navitas Building’s lecture theatre in Aarhus.

Opening of new research Centre on Water Technology

2017.10.04 | Ceremony / opening

The world’s most valuable resource strengthened by Aarhus University.

Denmark signs Collaboration Agreement with US, California on water technology

2017.09.21 | Research news

The collaboration agreement with US, California will ensure that Danish companies win orders in the thirsty US billion market.


Sun 22 Oct
00:11-00:00 | United States of America - California
Delegation from WATEC will visit US California