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Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology is a strong interdisciplinary setup across several Departments at Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University.

The centre is lead by Professor Niels Peter Revsbech along with a Steering Commitee consisting of leading scientists representing key research areas of the centre.

The Board is chaired by the Dean of Science and Technology, Aarhus University Niels Chr. Nielsen.

A strong Advisory Board unites representatives from leading research institutions together with world unique industry experts on water technologies. We are proud to announce Mikkel Holmen Andersen from DHI Group as chairman of the WATEC advisory board.

WATEC Board Members

Chairman of Board

Niels Christian Nielsen

Professor Department of Chemistry
H 1521, 216
P +4587155913
P +4528992541

Thomas Skjødeberg Toftegaard

Head of Department Department of Engineering
H 3210
P +4521379470

Peter Henriksen

Head of Department Department of Bioscience - Roskilde
H 7411, B1.23
P +4587158557
P +4530183149

Erik Steen Kristensen

Head of Department Department of Agroecology
H 8814, 3081
P +4520910371

Hans Brix

Professor, Head of Department Department of Bioscience - Aquatic Biology
H 1130, 234
P +4587156573
P +4528992031

Søren Bom Nielsen

Head of Department Department of Geoscience
H 1672, 140
P +4587156388
P +4521131499

Carsten Suhr Jacobsen

Head of Department, Professor Department of Environmental Science
H 7410, A2.24
P +4587158701
P +4525377667

WATEC Steering Committee

Chairman of the Committee, Head of Centre

Niels Peter Revsbech

Professor Department of Bioscience - Microbiology
H 1540, 125
P +4587156538
P +4523382187
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Erik Jeppesen

Professor Department of Bioscience - Lake Ecology
H B2.22
P +4587158997
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Finn Plauborg

Senior Scientist Department of Agroecology - Climate and Water

P +4587157714
P +4522181809

WATEC Advisory Board


Mikkel Holmen Andersen, DHI
Chairman of the WATEC Advisory Board

Poul Toft Frederiksen
The Poul Due Jensen Foundation

Bjarne Hjorth Petersen
Rambøll A/S

Ida Holm Olesen
Region Syddanmark

Helle Katrine Andersen

Ole Sinkjær
Krüger A/S

Lars Schrøder
Aarhus Vand

Jeppe Kjærsgaard
University of Minnesota
Department of Agriculture


Jes la Cour Jansen
Lunds Universitet

Jos Verhoven

Utrecht University

Randy Hunt
Wisconsin Water Center, USGS