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Innovative CW technologies

The group of professor Hans Brix and senior researcher Carlos A. Arias from Department of Biosciences in Aarhus is working with new advances in wetland treatment technologies.

Focus is on process intensification by e.g. implementation of water recirculation, intermittent forced aeration, integration of electroductive materials in the systems, and the development of specific media to enhance phosphorus removal and phosphorus recovery from wastewater

Different types of CW systems are being developed and built across the world (Denmark, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Peru, India, China).

The CWs are used for the treatment of industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, stormwater and sludge. 

Water reuse as well as nutrient and energy recycling in CW systems is currently in focus in line with other ecosystem services that the systems provide.

Furthermore, CWs are also being tested for their capacity to tackle new challenges, such as the removal of emerging organic micro-pollutants, e.g. pharmaceuticals, pesticides and personal care products.

Foto on this page by: Carlos A. Arias

Hans Brix

Head of Department Department of Biology
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