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Tue 07 May
10:00-11:30 | Ny Munkegade 116 – Bld. 1540 – 020
“What is the biosensor impact in the environmental monitoring?”
Professor Jean Louis MARTY, University of Perpignan Via Domitia, 52, Avenue Paul Alduy, 66860 Perpignan Cedex, France
Thu 28 Mar
10:00-12:00 | Silkeborg
WATEC Annual Meeting
Registration opens i February 2019
Wed 20 Mar
13:00-14:30 | Finlandsgade 22, 8200 Aarhus N - Bld. 5125-424E, Edison
“Challenges for industrial wastewater treatment and the road to turn wastewater treatment plants into resources recovery facilities”
Dr. Francisco Javier Cervantes Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica, y Tecnológica | IPICYT Department of Environmental Science
Tue 04 Dec
10:00-13:00 | Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology
The Poul Due Jensen Foundation is visiting WATEC
Fri 26 Oct
13:00-15:00 | Hofmansgave, Hofmansgavevej 27, 5450 Otterup
Official opening of Hoffmansgave a new full scale pilot plant – a Woodchip Denitrification Bioreactor
The pilot plant will add new knowledge to the growing interest for constructed mini-wetlands with woodchips as bio filter.
Thu 30 Aug
13:00-13:00 |
WATEC - Strategy Seminar
On August 30 - 31 the Core Group of researchers around WATEC will meet at a 24 H seminar to discuss and plan further WATEC strategy for the next upcoming years. Meeting is not open for the public.
Fri 15 Jun
15:00-16:00 | Velkommen ombord på Aurora - Aarhus Universitets forskningsskib
"Vand er guld værd" - WATEC part of panel discussion - FOLKEMØDET 2018
Vi er ved at løbe tør for rent drikkevand. 40% af verdens befolkning lever i områder med mangel på rent vand. Vand er liv og sikring af rent drikkevand er FN's verdensmål nr. 6. Danmark er globalt førende inden for teknologiske løsninger. Aarhus Universitet og andre har vist, at samarbejdet mellem forskning og virksomheder kan generere vækst og nye muligheder for en række aktører. Debat og dialog mellem forskere, politikere og erhvervsfolk.
Wed 30 May
18:00-11:00 | Marine Biological Station Rønbjerg, Denmark
WATEC Ph.d. Course "Micro-sensor Analysis in the Environmental Sciences"
Rønbjerg course , 30 May - 7 June, 2018
Tue 22 May
10:00-16:00 | Lyngby
”Fremtidens grønne innovation” - WATEC på InnoMT´s årsmøde
Årsmøde - Innovationsnetværk for Miljøteknologi - InnoMT
Tue 08 May
10:30-11:30 | Ny Munkegade 116 – bldg. 1540 - 116
Dr. Gunter Wegener: Thermophilic oxidation of hydrocarbons without oxygen: A story about novel archaea, new pathways and interactions with bacteria

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