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2021.10.07 | Events

Preparing for the future with WATEC Early-Career Researchers Retreat

About 100 researchers are associated with WATEC and about 50% are Early-Career Researchers (PhD students, postdoc etc.). The idea of a WATEC Early-Career researchers retreat emerged due to a desire to strengthen the network between WATEC Early-Career Researchers as well as exploring and preparing for future careers.

2021.09.27 | Publication

tTEM research paper published

Results from tTEM surveys conducted in two refugee camps and several host communities in western Tanzania demonstrate the capability of the method to characterize shallow aquifer systems with high lateral and vertical resolution, with data collection typically exceeding 15 to 20 line-kilometers (km) per day.

2021.09.24 | Events

Lively discussions at WATEC Annual Meeting

WATEC Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology strives to facilitate interdisciplinary research and collaboration with internal and external partners. Our WATEC Annual Meeting is an opportunity to stay updated on research activities within the centre as well as connect with other WATEC researchers and external partners.

2021.09.07 | Seminar

Joint seminar with WATEC and Aarhus Vand on future wastewater treatment

WATEC is continuously working on forming strategic partnerships with companies and utilities to deliver water technology solutions meeting societal demands. WATEC strives to create an interface for water research at Aarhus University and to create a dialog leading to solutions and collaboration.

Michael Ramlau-Hansen from AVK introducing the participants to the world’s water challenges
Fieldtrip to Låsby following the water cycle guided by Erland Stubkjær Christensen from Skanderborg Forsyning
Fieldtrip to Bederværket guided by Pia Jacobsen from Aarhus Vand
Participants networking with companies at the Company Evening. Here Pia Jacobsen from Aarhus Vand.
Group work focusing on dividing the city of Aarhus into DMAs
Participants exploring valves at AVK

2021.08.22 | Course

WATEC is hosting the Advanced Water Cycle Management Course

Providing clean water and sanitation while still protecting natural environments is one of greatest challenges in modern society, one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the background for the Advanced Water Cycle Management Course.

2021.04.23 | Publication

New State of Green publication on "Reducing urban water losses" with contribution from WATEC

25-50% of all distributed water globally is lost or never invoiced due to illegal connections, inaccurate billing systems, inaccurate metering, leakages, deteriorating infrastructure and wrong water pressure management etc. - or in short Non-Revenue Water (NRW). This white paper examines how water utilities can improve efficiency and meet future…

Karen Maegaard

2021.03.18 | News type

Welcome to New Centre Manager

WATEC welcomes new Centre Manager Karen Maegaard

2020.12.02 | News type

Welcome to New Head of Centre

WATEC welcomes our New Head of Centre - Senior Researcher Peter Henriksen from Department of Bioscience.

2020.11.08 | News type

WATEC Researcher receives DKK 2.8 mio from Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF)

Researcher Joachim Audet, Department of Bioscience, DKK 2.8 million for his project: Unravelling the drivers of nitrous oxide emissions from streams (DrivNOS)

2020.11.08 | News type

WATEC Researcher receives Sapere Aude Grant with the project "Finding drinking water in data-poor regions".

Assistant Professor Denys Grombacher from Department of Geoscience has received 6.1 mio DKK Sapere Aude Grant from the Danish Independent Research Foundation (DFF).

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