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Hydrogeophysics: Get updated on the results of the newest research

Master Class/seminar day (in Danish) for engineers, geologists, and geophysics working with underground topics. Join a one day seminar where the newest geophysics technologies and their potentials are being presented.

2019.11.05 | Kristine Howe Kjer

Date Mon 02 Dec
Time 09:30 16:00
Location Hotel Horisont, Agro Food Park 10, 8200 Aarhus N
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Hydrogeophysical mapping.

Hydrogeophysical mapping. Photo by: Esben Auken

A lot is happening right now in the development of geophysical methods. The methods are becoming cheaper and more efficient than ever – for instance they are now optimized for a full 3D mapping of the subsurface. The methods are used for problem-solving within the complex areas of raw materials, surface water/groundwater, and nitrate retention.

The HydroGeophysics Group does research in of all the above mentioned topics and they are now inviting engineers, geologists, and geophysicists who work within these areas on a daily basis, as well as representatives from the regions and municipalities to join in a one day seminar where the newest geophysical technologies and their potentials will be presented.

At the seminar research projects from the HydroGeophysics Group and their Danish collaboration partners will be presented. Themes:

  • Raw material mapping
  • Vulnerability mapping
  • In-situ remediation
  • Hydrology (ground water)
  • Machine Learning


  • tTEM /FloaTEM
  • DCIP (cross-borehole)
  • NMR/ MRS
  • tMAG


9.30: Registration – Coffee and bread

10.00 – 16.00: Seminar

Please note that the seminar will be in Danish.

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All participants will be asked to reconfirm their participation 14 days before the event.

A no show fee of 465 DKK incl. VAT will be charged. 

Any food allergies and food requirements can be reported directly to the hotel at Okayfood 

Master Class