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Associate Professor, Docent Wing Cheung MAK: New design and fabrication strategies to improve biosensor performance


2018.05.23 | Anne Kirstine Mehlsen

Date Tue 24 Apr
Time 09:30 10:30
Location Ny Munkegade 116 – bldg. 1540 - 116


Associate Professor, Docent Wing Cheung MAK (Martin) Linköping University


Biosensors are analytic devices that composed of a biological sensing element and a transducer. Since the development of first glucose biosensor in 1962 by Leland Clark, various biosensors were reported for applications including healthcare diagnostics, drug discovery, environmental, food safety and process control monitoring. The promise demonstrated by various examples of biosensor technologies is very appealing, however, there are still many hurdles to develop commercial biosensors for real practice. The success of biosensors rely mainly on their ease of use, portability, sensitivity, selectively and cost, while emerging technologies on new material design and fabrication techniques create new impacts on the development of biosensors. This seminar will present various technologies developed in our team to improve analytical performance of optical and electrochemical biosensors focused on assay design, biolabeldesign, materials for printed biosensors and advanced fabrication methods, as well as examples on successful commercialization of our developed technologies.

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