Advanced Water Cycle Management Course

Upgrade your water management skills

The Advanced Water Cycle Management Course is an international course designed to upgrade your water management skills and provide you with an overview on and substantial knowledge of water resource management, water distribution and wastewater handling including resource recovery.

The summer school will also offer social events giving you the opportunity to expand your global network as well as introducing you to teamwork in solution solving matters.  

The course is proudly presented by WATEC - Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology and leading Danish technology providers and Danish Water Utilities. 

Course content

The course will provide you with a review of three main themes:

1.     Ground water resource management

2.     Water distribution

3.     Wastewater handling, including resource recovery

You will gain experience in applying the established engineering knowledge, knowhow and state of the art components in the whole water cycle, from abstraction to the delivery of the cleaned wastewater back to nature.

In addition you will learn how to analyze advantages, problems and principles in water related issues, and understand how to minimize unnecessary water and energy consumption and how to turn wastewater treatment plants into being net energy producing. You will tap into various types of instruments and components used in water management are operated in concert.

The course is taught by leading researcher and industry experts and allows you to experience how the private sector is working in a unique and close collaboration with the public sector as well as with the regulating authorities and ministries in Denmark. Along with important site visits to relevant industry and facility players you and your course participants will be involved in challenges associated with water management and get the opportunity to give input on how to solve them.

Please visit the official AU Course Description for addiontal details and informations.


The Summer School programme starts on 11 August and finishes on 23 August 2019.

Official course programme will be available Q1 2019.

Admission requirements

The course welcomes all interested with a minimum of the following degrees:

  • Bachelor in biological or chemical engineering, or similar
  • Bachelor in bioscience
  • Bachelor in geoscience
  • Bachelor in agroecology
  • Bachelor of engineering or Bachelor student (diplomingeniør) (4.-7. Semester)

Industry applicants as well as national and international students from different universities are highly welcomed.


The course is open of a maximum of 60 participants and welcomes applicants from industry and national and international University students.

If there are more than 60 applicants, participants will be selected based on the organizer‘s judgement of course relevance for the individual applicant.


Food and accommodation fee

Course fee

Total fee

Diploma engineering students (4.-7. semester) from Aarhus University or other Danish institutions with a pre-approval

€ 210

€ 0

€ 210

Master students from AU and other Danish institutions with a pre-approval

€ 210

€ 0

€ 210

Exchange students with a nomination

€ 2,140

€ 0

€ 2,140

PhD students from AU and other Danish universities with a pre-approval

€ 210

€ 346

€ 556

Diploma engineering students and Master students from Denmark without a pre-approval or students from EU/EEA coming without an exchange agreement

€ 210

€ 346

€ 556

PhD students and young engineers from Denmark and EU/EEA countries

€ 1,800

€ 346

€ 2,146

Diploma engineering students and Master students from non-EU/EEA countries without an exchange agreement

€ 1,026

€ 1,250

€ 2,276

PhD students and young engineers from non-EU/EEA countries

€ 600

€ 1,250

€ 1,850


Practical Issues

Responsible Course Coordinator: Kristine Howe Kjer: 

Postdoc Deby

AU Summer University


Academic coordinator

Professor Niels Peter Revsbech